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Table 1 Elemental analysesa

From: The nature and fate of natural resins in the geosphere. Part X. Structural characteristics of the macromolecular constituents of modern Dammar resin and Class II ambers

Sample C (wt.%) H (wt.%) N (wt.%) O+S (wt.%)b Nominal formula (based on C15)
Modern Dammar polymer 83.7 10.7 <0.05 5.6 C15H23(O + S)0.75
Fossil Dammar polymer 84.2 10.4 <0.05 5.4 C15H22(O + S)0.72
Polycadinene (IIIc)      C15H24
  1. aAll data are averages of at least 4 analyses. bBy difference. cRef. [12].