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Table 3 Estimated enthalpies (in kJ mol-1) for formation of the complexes MAsS(SH)(OH) and M(SH)2- in aqueous solution from M(OH2)2+ and ligand, obtained from polarized SBK MP2 equilibrium geometries, for Cu+, Ag+, Au+, Zn2+, Cd2+, Hg2+, Tl+ and Pb2+. Hydration enthalpies of ions are estimated using effective radii calculated from M–L bond distances

From: Theoretical studies on metal thioarsenites and thioantimonides: synergistic interactions between transition metals and heavy metalloids

Cation MAsS(SH)(OH) M(SH)2-1
Cu+ -115 -89
Ag+ -71 -52
Au+ -189 -173
Zn2+ -13 -1055
Cd2+ -28 -1003
Hg2+ -89 -1129
Tl+ + 140 +459
Pb2+ -177 -483