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Figure 1

From: Natural gas at thermodynamic equilibrium Implications for the origin of natural gas

Figure 1

Shale decomposition products under anoxic conditions, 200°C isothermal helium flow. The figure shows hydrocarbon concentrations (ppm vol) in the effluent gas coming off the indicated shales over time. The experimental procedure and product analysis are described elsewhere [20]. (a) Barnett Shale is Mississippian from the Delaware Basin, TX (Reeves County, well cuttings, 3500 m). Yield = 0.04 mg gas/g rock (C1–C5). Rock-Eval: TOC = 8.1% wt; S1 = 0.95 mg/g; S2 = 1.1 mg/g; S3 = 0.25 mg/g; Tmax = 548. (b) Upper Dev/L Miss New Albany Shale from the Illinois Basin, KY (side wall core, 1025 m). Rock-Eval: TOC = 6.2% wt; S1 = 2.2 mg/g; S2 = 17 mg/g; S3 = 0.3 mg/g; Tmax = 448. Yield = 1.2 mg gas/g rock (C1–C5).

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