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Table 2 Coefficients of correlation (R2) between five reaction variables, Mowry shale, 11 hours at 100°C.

From: Metathesis in the generation of low-temperature gas in marine shales

   log Q log Q* Product AMW Sum wt time
log Q   1     
log Q*   0.81 1    
Product AMW   0.7 0.95 1   
Sum wt   0.88 0.95 0.89 1  
time   -0.67 -0.9 -0.98 -0.98 1
  1. Data was taken from Mowry 1, Table 1. Most correlations (R2) are nonlinear. The coefficients of correlation are for curves that best fit the data: log Q vs Sum wt fits an exponential curve; log Q vs time fits a power curve; Sum wt vs time fits an exponential curve; Product AMW vs time fits a logarithmic curve.