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Table 8 Measured solution composition for cement hydration and the experiment end.

From: Experimental Study of Cement - Sandstone/Shale - Brine - CO2Interactions

ID Al molal Ca molal Fe molal Mg molal Si molal F- molal Cl- molal NO3- molal SO42- molal
G3 1.39E-05 0.109 3.68E-07 ND 1.73E-05     
G6 1.91E-05 4.68E-01 9.64E-07 1.34E-05 4.87E-06     
G7 1.70E-05 7.83E-03 1.07E-07 ND 8.53E-06 5.86E-05 1.73E-05 2.38E-05 1.81E-03
G8 1.89E-05 6.62E-03 2.21E-07 ND 3.99E-05 6.01E-05 1.66E-04 2.21E-05 1.77E-03
G9 3.30E-05 4.42E-03 6.30E-08 ND 9.89E-06 8.06E-05 1.54E-05 2.91E-05 3.64E-03
G10 2.76E-05 6.01E-03 7.99E-08 ND 3.44E-05 1.21E-04 2.30E-05 2.60E-05 3.85E-03
G11 2.05E-05 7.82E-03 7.30E-08 ND 3.30E-05 5.51E-05 2.42E-05 2.43E-05 2.33E-03
G12 4.22E-05 5.74E-03 6.89E-08 ND 8.56E-06 7.06E-05 1.93E-05 2.59E-05 4.10E-03
G13 3.12E-05 5.90E-03 7.43E-08 ND 5.31E-05 6.96E-05 3.89E-05 2.77E-05 4.85E-03
G14 3.05E-06 5.88E-01 1.46E-06 5.41E-06 1.89E-07   2.97   
G15 3.35E-06 5.82E-01 1.38E-06 5.95E-06 2.05E-07   3.00   
  1. Blank values indicate that the ions were not measured. ND indicates concentrations were below detection.