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Figure 6 | Geochemical Transactions

Figure 6

From: Characterisation of dissolved organic compounds in hydrothermal fluids by stir bar sorptive extraction - gas chomatography - mass spectrometry. Case study: the Rainbow field (36°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

Figure 6

Zooms of extracted ion chromatograms at the qualifier ion m/z 104 (left) and m/z 91 (right) of the SBSE-TD-GC-MS analysis of 3 hydrothermal fluid samples (T10, T88, T92) and a deep seawater sample (T72). Arrows point out their respective traces. On the right panel, T92 and T10 signals are represented in dashed line while T72 and T88 appear in full line. The styrene peak elutes at 4.71 min (left) and the other BTEX in the 4.31 -4.71 min range (right). Refer to Table 2 and Table 5 for description of the samples and Rt values.

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