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Table 7 Name, molecular formula and retention times (Rt) of the characteristic compounds that are leaked from the PDMS phase of the Twisters®

From: Characterisation of dissolved organic compounds in hydrothermal fluids by stir bar sorptive extraction - gas chomatography - mass spectrometry. Case study: the Rainbow field (36°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge)

Compounds Molecular formula Rt (min)
cyclotrisiloxane, hexamethyl- C6H18O3Si3 3.80
cyclotetrasiloxane, octamethyl- C8H24O4Si4 6.03
cyclopentasiloxane, decamethyl- C10H30O5Si5 7.98
cyclohexasiloxane, dodecamethyl- C12H36O6Si6 9.99
cycloheptasiloxane, tetradecamethyl- C14H42O7Si7 11.82
cyclononasiloxane, octadecamethyl- C18H54O9Si9 14.88