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Figure 2

From: Stable isotope evidence for the Bottom Convective Layer homogeneity in the Black Sea

Figure 2

The vertical distribution of salinity, δ18O, δD (left panel) and H 2 S content, δ34S (H 2 S) and δ34S (SO 4 ) (right panel) in the lower part (>1200 m) of the stations 3426 and 100–50 water column. The dashed lines show the upper boundary of the BCL. The data on δ34S (H2S) value from [28], [14, 21] and [12] are also presented. The lowest δ34S (H2S) value from [21] is shown for sulfur isotope composition of hydrogen sulfide from pore water (10–18 cm depth of sediments at station 8).

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