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Figure 7

From: Stable isotope evidence for the Bottom Convective Layer homogeneity in the Black Sea

Figure 7

Possible residual sulfate fraction in the BCL was calculated by Rayleigh distillation model assuming that the sulfur isotope composition in sulfate changes from +21 ± 0.4 (2σ) ‰ in aerobic zone to +23 ± 0.4 (2σ) ‰ in anaerobic one due to sulfate reduction. Change of sulfate mass fraction loss is shown for fractionation factor α = 1.0664 ± 0.0012 (2σ) calculated as the average of all samples from BCL. It is also shown 2 σ confidence intervals for the average δ34S (SO4) values (dash line) and for the enrichment factor (thin lines).

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