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Table 3 Parameter values for 2D mesocosms

From: Biogeochemical consequences of macrofauna burrow ventilation†

Cylinder radiusar2/m Burrow radiusbr1/m Ventilation period durationctvent/s Rest period durationcrrest/s NH4+ excretion rate to burrowd/M s-1 ΣCO2 excretion rate to burrowe/M s-1
1.10 × 10-2 1.10 × 10-3 280 276 2.18 × 10-7 1.05 × 10-6
  1. aDetermined from the directly mesured N. diversicolor population [25] Each N. deversicolor builds a U-shape burrow with two opening at WSI. bFrom literature.[31] cFrom literature.[26] dFrom literature[27] after weight and burrow volume corrections. eCalculated from C: N ratio.[28]