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Figure 18 | Geochemical Transactions

Figure 18

From: Impact of polychaetes (Nereis spp. and Arenicola marina) on carbon biogeochemistry in coastal marine sediments†

Figure 18

Enhancement of total sediment carbon oxidation due to increased microbial degradation in the presence of irrigated burrows (E1 = Ciox/Cdox) and reworking (Er = Crox/Cdox) as a function of abundance of Nereis diversicolor and Arenicola marina. Other variables are fixed: L = 20 cm, Lb = 20 cm, Lox = 0.3 cm, r = 0.3 cm, Box = 0.2 cm, A1 = 20 and A2 = 10. See text for further details (modified from Kristensen and Homier[59]).

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