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Table 1 Examples of irrigation rate of Nereis virens, N. diversicolor and Arenicola marina. Results are presented both as individual rates [(g worm) h-1] and as population rates (m2 d-1). The abbreviations (ns) and (s) indicate non-suspension-feeding and suspension-feeding N. diversicolor.[9,28]

From: Impact of polychaetes (Nereis spp. and Arenicola marina) on carbon biogeochemistry in coastal marine sediments†

Species Density/m-2 Individual/ml g-1 h-1 Population/1 m-2 d-1
N. virens 600 21–62 60–180
N. diversicolor (ns) 600 200–250 580–720
N. diversicolor (s) 600 450–500 2600–2900
A. marina 50 10–13 120–160