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Table 2 Most abundant monocarboxylate and dicarboxylate anions observed in petroleum-field brines, their most likely maximum concentration in these fluids, and their concentrations used in the composite ore-fluid model of this study

From: Transport of Pb and Zn by carboxylate complexes in basinal ore fluids and related petroleum-field brines at 100 °C: the influence of pH and oxygen fugacity

Acid anion   Model ore-fluid concentration
IUPAC Common Petroleum-field brine concentration (likely maximum, mg L-1)a /mg L-1 /mol kg-1
Monocarboxylate anions
Ethanoate Acetate 5000 7700 0.13
Propanoate Propionate 2000
Butanoate Butyrate 500
pentanoate Valerate 200
Dicarboxylate anions
Propanedioate Malonate 100 300 0.0029
Butanedioate Succinate 100
Pentanedioate Glutarate 100
  1. aKharaka et al.[79]