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Table 1 H2O2 Measurements*

From: Pyrite-induced hydroxyl radical formation and its effect on nucleic acids

Pyrite loading (g/L)a H2O2(μM)
20 g/L with 1 mM EDTA 2.19
40 g/L with 1 mM EDTA 6.54
80 g/L with 10 mM EDTA 11.7
160 g/L with 10 mM EDTA 25.6
no EDTA added to any above not detected
with EDTA and addition of catalaseb not detected
Solution composition H 2 O 2 (μM)
10 μM H2O2 solution no pyrite 10
with 10 μM Fe(II) 4.2
with 1 mM EDTA 10.1
with Fe(II) and EDTA 10.1
  1. *Experiments were performed in the presence of oxygen. aPyrite of varying particle loadings were suspended in EDTA, quickly filtered and analysed.
  2. b127,000 units catalase/4 mL.