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Figure 2

From: Real-time drilling mud gas monitoring for qualitative evaluation of hydrocarbon gas composition during deep sea drilling in the Nankai Trough Kumano Basin

Figure 2

Results of onshore gas analyses and comparison with shipboard data. Hydrocarbon gas components in drilling mud gas samples analyzed onshore with a gas chromatograph (GC shorebased; black triangles) and quadruple mass spectrometer (QMS; red dots) compared to shipboard GC-NGA real-time data (GC shipboard, blue squares; [23]). A: C1 = methane, B: C2 = ethane, C: C3 = propane, D: (C1/(C2 + C3)) = Bernard parameter). E: Lithological column modified from [23]. “Underreamer depth” denotes the position of borehole widening and potential additional gas release caused by the underreamer. Borehole widening took place around 40 m above the borehole depth. See Methods section.

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