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Table 5 Cases with contamination detected during direct discharge of MSW into rivers [14, 15, 89]

From: How long do natural waters “remember” release incidents of Marcellus Shale waters: a first order approximation using reactive transport modeling

Receiving water body MSW release rate (×10−3 m3/s) River flow rate (m3/day) DF [Cl] in discharge outlet (mg/L) Calculated [Cl] in river (mg/L) Monitored [Cl] in river (mg/L)
Blacklick creek 6.70 432,000 739 80,542.00 107.78 195.00 ± 175.00
Monongahela river 111.10 4,893,000 510 28,879.00 56.62 136.80 ± 2.70
Ten mile creek 11.30 1,223,000 1246 44,915.00 35.84 61.90 ± 2.49
  1. The release rates and flow rates are from literature; DF is calculated as the ratio of the reported river flow rate over the MSW release rate; [Cl] in the discharge outlet are measured values from literature; Calculated [Cl] in river are estimated by dividing the measured [Cl] in the discharge outlet with DF. Monitored [Cl] was directly from literature