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Fig. 3

From: A potential nitrogen sink discovered in the oxygenated Chukchi Shelf waters of the Arctic

Fig. 3

Measurements of physicochemical parameters along a hydrographic section over the northern Bering Shelf. a Map of sampling stations. b, c Hydrographic parameters, temperature (T) and salinity (S), respectively. d Dissolved O2 concentrations (in μmol L−1). eg Concentrations of N species, \({\text{NO}}_{3}{^{ -}}\), \({\text{NO}}_{2}{^{ -}}\) and \({\text{NH}}_{4}{^{ + }}\), respectively (all in μmol L−1). h Excess N (N *, calculated as \({\text{NO}}_{3}{^{ -}}\) + \({\text{NO}}_{2}{^{ -}}\) + \({\text{NH}}_{4}{^{ + }}\) − 16 × \({\text{PO}}_{4}{^{3 - }}\) + 2.9, in μmol L−1)

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