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Fig. 2

From: Impacts of hydrous manganese oxide on the retention and lability of dissolved organic matter

Fig. 2

a XPS of the C 1s region of the DOM shown in black, 4.7 initial C:Fe molar ratio samples in blue, 0.9 initial C:Fe molar ratio sample in yellow, and untreated goethite shown in red. The region is broken into three distinct species: the most oxidized is the C that is double bonded to O labeled as C=O at 288.2 eV, the middle species is labeled as C–O and C–N at 286.1 eV, and the least oxidized carbon is the C–C or C–H carbon at 284.6 eV. b The C atomic percent of each sample based on every element detected with XPS. c The most reduced C species, the C–O and C–N associated C, and the most oxidized C (C=O), each expressed by relative atomic percent of the total C signal as a function of the initial C:Mn molar ratio

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