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Fig. 2

From: Regional geochemical baseline concentration of potentially toxic trace metals in the mineralized Lom Basin, East Cameroon: a tool for contamination assessment

Fig. 2

Geology of Cameroon. a Geological map of Cameroon (modified from Toteu et al. [95] Faults: Tcholliré-Banyo Fault (TBF), Adamawa Fault (AF), Sanaga Fault (SF), and Kribi-Campo Fault (KCF) Cratons and mobile belts: West African Craton (WAC), Tanzanian Craton (TC), Kalahari Craton (KC), Congo Craton (CC), Adamaoua Shear Zone (ASZ). b Regional geological map of eastern Cameroon showing reported gold indications. c Geology of the lower Lom Basin

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