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Fig. 5

From: The formation of spinel-group minerals in contaminated soils: the sequestration of metal(loid)s by unexpected incidental nanoparticles

Fig. 5

Spinel-type phases in a mineral surface coatings of the Sudbury area; a selected coatings on a Fe-rich pyroxene; the location of the extracted FIB section is indicated with a white-framed rectangular; be STEM and EDS-STEM images of selected areas in the extracted FIB sections; areas enriched (green) and depleted in Ni are numbered as follows: (1) magnetite cubes; (2) maghemite needles, (3) spherical magnetite NPs, (4) magnetosomes; (5) jarosite; (6) linear alignment of trevorite NPs between two chemically distinct zones in the coatings; f nano-crystals of trevorite displaying different orientations; a red background colour was chosen in the images c and e in order to highlight the occurrence of Ni in the spinel-type phases

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