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Table 5 Assignments of frequencies (cm−1) in FTIR spectra of ferrihydrite, glyphosate and glyphosate adsorbed onto ferrihydrite

From: The effect of pH and ionic strength on the adsorption of glyphosate onto ferrihydrite

FeHydr (cm−1) GPS (cm−1) Glyphosate adsorbed onto ferrihydrite (cm−1) Tentative assignments
pH 2.0 pH 4.0 pH 5.0 pH 6.0
  1731b      C=O Stretching3
1635a       Adsorbed or lattice water1, 2
   1604d 1607d 1605c 1602d C–O stretching6, 8
  1556b      NH2+ deformation4
   1534d 1528d 1530c 1530d NH2+ deformation6−8
  1481b      NH2+ DEFORMATION4
1472a       Carbonate1, 2
   1444d 1445d 1452c 1450d NH2+ deformation7, 8
  1432b      CH2 group4
  1420b      CO, OH group4
   1376d 1380d 1377c 1382d C–O stretching6
1345a       Carbonate1, 2
  1334b      CH2 deformation4
   1314d 1318d 1316c 1320d Carbon backbone coupled with C–O and P–O stretching6
   1270d 1268d 1269c 1268d PO3H group (P=O)4
  1267b      PO3H group (P=O)4
  1242b      CH2 group4
  1220b      P–OH4
  1200b      CO, OH group4
   1119a 1123a 1122a 1121a P–O stretching6, 7
  1088b      PO3Stretching3, 4
  1077b      P–O-stretching, PO2(OH-) group5
1076a       Carbonate1, 2
   1049a 1049a 1048a 1048a CCNC skeletal vibration7
  1030b      CCNC skeletal vibration4
   987a 981a 983a 980a P-OFe stretching6
  978b      Symmetric stretching P–O3, 5, CH2 group4
  909b      Stretching P–O5, CH2 deformation4, CCNC skeletal vibration4
896a       Carbonate1, 2
  864b      COH deformation4
  828b      POH deformation4
  1. FeHydr ferrihydrite, GPS glyphosate
  2. 1Mazzetti and Thistlethwaite [36]; 2Ristić et al. [37]; 3Barja and Afonso [21]; 4Miano et al. [24]; 5Undabeytia et al. [23]; 6Sheals et al. [17]; 7Barja and Afonso [19]; 8Barja et al. [22]
  3. a peaks from the Fig. 4a; bpeaks from the Fig. 4b, cpeaks from Fig. 5a; dFigure not shown