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Table 2 Experimental conditions and run products

From: Trace element partitioning between pyrochlore, microlite, fersmite and silicate melts

Run no T/°C start Cooling rate °/min T/°C end Duration (h) at T end Starting material Phases present
SE_Pyro2 1400 100 1300 24 SM_Pyro1 Fer, Nb-pyr, melt
SE_Pyro3 1400 20 1300 24 SM_Pyro1 Fer, Nb-pyr, melt
SE_Pyro5 1400 10 1260 24 SM_Pyro1 Fer, Nb-pyr, melt
SE_Pyro6 1400 5 1240 120 SM_Pyro1 Fer, Nb-pyr, melt
HW1 1400 0.1 1300 28 HWM Ta-pyr, melt
HW2 1350 0.2 1200 20 HWM Ta-pyr, melt
HW3 1400 1400 46 HWM Ta-pyr, melt
  1. Fer=Ca-Nb-fersmite; Nb-pyr=Ca-Nb-pyrochlore; melt=quenched melt; Ta-pyr=Ca-Ta-microlite
  2. Note that in run HW3 no cooling rate was used. Note also that fersmite in runs SE_Pyro3, and pyrochlores in SE_Pyro2 were acicular and too small for EMPA analysis. All experiments were run in air and at atmospheric pressure. T/°C start: T at which the samples were inserted into the furnace, T/°C end: The temperature of the run after the cooling rate; cooling rate: The samples were cooled from Tstart to Tend, and the runs were held at Tend for at least 20 h (duration (h) at Tend